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Our Spring/Summer 17 collection the “ARTISAN” is inspired by  artisans and their handicraft.

At ATTO TETTEH, we believe artisans in Africa make beautiful works of art that need global recognition. The artisan does his work through hard work, ingenuity and assiduity and it’s by no coincidence we chose the adinkra, ANI BERE, which means Seriousness, Perseverance and Diligence as the artistic pattern for this collection.

In this collection, we employed artisanal techniques and products such as embroidery, batik, locally baked beads and hand loomed fabric from the northern part of Ghana to make craftsmen inspired apparel bedecked with the African suave.

With this collection ATTO TETTEH invites you into the “ARTISAN’S” world of Seriousness, Perseverance and Diligence.