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The Brand

The African Story

Atto Tetteh is a men’s wear brand based in Ghana. At Atto Tetteh, we believe Africa has a story yet to be told. The African man bold, strong and courageous has always been fashionable. We know this so we can tell. Colour, warmth, energy, sophistication and sartorial elegance is our description of this fashion sense. Through our fashion pieces, we offer you the opportunity to experience this growing tradition. The tradition of this African man. Atto Tetteh is a young luxuriating brand which provides men all over the world with quality and trendy clothes which has a touch of African aesthetic. With very careful selection of fabrics, immense attention to detail, we construct clothes that fit and make you look exquisite

At Atto Tetteh, we believe that the values we keep really make the difference

  • Timeless.
  • Originality.
  • Quality.

These are carefully selected values that guide our activities, our products and our services, and most especially our relationship with our customers. Our major aim as a brand is to create Timeless and Original pieces with the utmost Quality that pleases our clients. We thrive on customer satisfaction and contentment and we leave you with a smile.